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Moroccan Hammam Experience and Spa FAQ

Put simply, a hammam is a hot steam bath and a massage.

Medicinal benefits of hammam date back to around 200 BC. Hamam stimulates your immune system by increasing antibody production and revives pain and stiffness in joints and muscles. In the winter, it effectively treats respiratory issues and sinusitis and can ward off the symptoms of a flu or a cold. It detoxes your body and can reduce cellulite by pulling toxins from the fat cells of your body.

They can certainly come to the hammam spa, but it should be noted that our hammam steam room uses high temperatures. These temperatures could harm people who are elderly, have diabetes or heart disease, as well as those with irregular blood pressure. Children under the age of 16 may also react poorly to the higher heat. If you’re concerned, please feel free to reach out to us and ask questions or ask your doctor.

You will be provided a robe traditional wrap and a pair of slippers. During your hammam treatments, your body will never be totally exposed; only the area that we’re working on during your treatment will be left uncovered. We will provide a locker where you can store all of your things including clothing and other possessions.

The rituals of hammam are a highly spiritual and rejuvenating experience. First, you’ll enter the hammam, which is a steam room. You’ll sit and loosen up your muscles and relax for awhile before entering the bath. You’ll be soaked with warm water and an accompanying soap or oil depending on your spa package. During the wash, you’ll receive a massage. After that, it’ll be time for the bathing portion of the ritual. Your attendant will use a kess, an exfoliating hand mitt that is used to exfoliate away the dead skin cells. Your attendant will then wash your hair and body of any excess residue.

We recommend taking your makeup and any other products off before you attend your appointment.

Dry clothing and a fresh pair of underwear and clothing if you’d like to change after the bath.

It depends entirely on the package your choose. We recommend trying the Royal Hammam for your first hammam experience. The Hammam Express package only uses a lavender black soap and a session with a kess which is not a full hammam experience. The Royal Hammam includes custom detox herbs that can help detox your skin cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as a refreshing and invigorating eucalyptus black body soap cleanse and full body scrub with traditional kess glove. It also includes an organic soap foam massage that rubs essential oils into your skin and a detox for the scalp to cleanse away old oils and encourage fresh production. We can create a custom hair treatment for you and will treat you to our exclusive argan oil cream that will help rejuvenate your skin for days to come.

Every treatment can be customized depending on how much time we have allotted and what you have in mind. For example,  you can add our exclusive argan oil cream to your own ritual of hammam treatment for a little extra cost. Please feel free to ask us if you’re interested in improving the treatment you’ve signed up for.

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Have more questions about hammam spa rituals? Please feel free to reach out to us. We’d be ecstatic to discuss the finer points of why we’re passionate about bringing this ancient spa ritual to the United States. Keep on the lookout for authentic hammam spa products and more that you can purchase through us and more hammam massage deals.

Curious about how to arrive and conduct yourself for your upcoming spa treatment? Read all about the specific and ancient spa traditions surrounding hammam services on our page.



Custom detox herbs, Eucalyptus black soap body cleansing, full body scrub with kess, (break: fresh organic ice tea with berries)


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