What is a Hammam Bath?

In today’s world there’s quite a bit of pressure to find and try out the newest beauty trend. Hammam may certainly seem like the newest beauty trend, but it’s actually rather old. In fact, in Morocco and other ancient sites there are hammam bath houses left over from the Ottoman empire with vaulted domed bronze ceilings and raised stone platforms with water streaming over the limestone while you receive your massage. In fact, Hammam is so old and ingrained in Eastern medicine that it’s still only slowly making its way across the sea. Atlas Beauty Hammam Spa is the only authentic hammam spa experience in the Peabody and Boston area. Our founder spent years in five star hotels practicing her art and has decided to bring her talents to the average day person to help them relieve their stress in a totally new way.

Hammam and Roman Baths

Hammam is one of the oldest beauty practices around still. In fact, it’s regularly compared to a Roman bath as it has the same communal style and water-related basis to the art. When you’re experiencing a hammam massage, you’ll begin your session by warming up in a sauna. This is to get the blood flowing through your muscles easily and get your body warmed up so that it is more susceptible to the massage and your skin is open to the compounds and products we’ll use on it. Afterward, you’ll be rubbed with soap and an exfoliant glove that’s meant to help rub the nutrients from the soap into your skin while exfoliating away dead skin cells. Then you’ll be gently rinsed and massaged with specialized Moroccan massage oils that will help your muscles relax and will replenish your skin.

The Hammam Technique

In 641 AD, the Arabs and enslaved the Turks during their conquest of Alexandria and exposed them to their cultural customs. Arabs had been imitating Roman baths for sometime and had built a variety of public bath houses, which is how traditional hammam baths in Turkey and Morocco often operate, they’re also usually self-serviced. The baths evolved and eventually became both communal centers as well as worship houses and eventually started to incorporate massage. Traditional hammam includes all male masseuses that are extremely muscular and weigh quite a bit. It is in no way akin to our method of massage, or the common western massage. At our hammam bath, you won’t experience domed bronze ceilings from the 1500s, but you will experience an advanced form of relaxation and you’ll reap the benefits of healthy, moist hair and skin. A variety of our packages include our specialized combination of herbs and soaps that are designed to help keep your hair and skin healthy, especially in the harsher winter months when you’re not exposed to as much sun but you have to suffer blistering winds and freezing temperatures.

Schedule Your Hammam Bath

If you’ve ever wanted to experience a beauty trend that hasn’t quite taken hold, you’re just in time to try a hammam bath. Receive the superior beauty treatment and get a peek at an ancient ritual that’s survived through generations.