What Kinds of Products Do Hammam Spas Use?

Hammam spas have been around since the Ottomon Empire. In fact, if you get the chance, there are a couple of renowned architectural feats that are still active hammam spas. These buildings can trace their origins to the Ottoman empire and even further back in Morocco and other areas in Northern Africa. It’s a beauty ritual that’s as old and sacred as a beautiful woman applying rouge to her cheeks and lips. That means that, while extremely effective, the products used in a hammam spa have nearly always been the same and they’ve always been based in simplistic ingredients that promote incredible results. You can actually incorporate some of the traditional hammam products into your everyday life, not just your spa day indulgences.

Rhassoul Clay

The Moroccans have notably been using rhassoul clay for centuries in the same fashion they’ve been committed to the healing effects of a hammam spa. On a scientific level, the clay contains a high percentage of silica, a compound known for its astringent behavior on the skin, excellent for shrinking pore size and limiting the amount of bacteria that can enter your pores. The clay also prominently features magnesium, which is known for slowing down the aging process. Additionally, rhassoul includes potassium for moisturizing effects and calcium that promotes cell renewal.  

Black Soap

Also referred to as “savon noir,” is divine for your skin. It’s made of the crushed flesh of olives and is rich in vitamins A and E as well as nutrients and antioxidants. The soap includes oleuropein, hydroxycinnamic acids and flavonols that contribute to an overall anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect on your skin. Black soap penetrates deep into the skin to eliminate dirt, impurities, built up oils and dead layers leaving the top layer of skin soft, smooth and healthy.

Argan Oils

This oil has been on the up-and-up for ages as “Morocco’s miracle oil,” because it’s lightweight and packed full of great stuff for your skin. Most notably, it’s earned its stripes because of the high amounts of antioxidants it contains, how quickly it absorbs, the skin-healing linoleic acid and anti-aging vitamin E that are activated by the omega-6 oils present in the oil too. It’s unique in that it actively reinforces the lipid barrier in the skin and strengthens the barrier function of the skin, which prevents breakouts and allows built-up oils to get into your pores and cause acne and other damage. What’s even better is argan oil works wonders on every skin type. Dry and oily users find that it helps with many different skin issues and naturally prevents the side effects of aging. It’s also readily accessible in multiple different retail outlets. Grab an argan oil shampoo to really boost your beauty routine.

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